Thursday, March 16, 2006

Celebrating his 69th year

Photos by Mark M. Hancock / © The Beaumont Enterprise

The window of Geores Buttner-Clevenger's Volkswagen camper proclaims his goal in Beaumont on Tuesday, March 14, 2006. He plans to run and bike the entire length of U.S. Highway 69 in 6.9-mile sections.

Geores Buttner-Clevenger, 69, of Berkeley, Calif. prepares to run along U.S. Highway 69 in Beaumont. He already ran U.S. Highway 66 when he was 66-years-old.

Geores Buttner-Clevenger leaves his camper near U.S. Highway 69 in Beaumont. To accomplish this goal by himself, he rides his bike from his camper for 6.9 miles. He locks up the bike and runs back to the camper. Then, he drives back to the bike. He tries to run two 6.9-mile distances each day.

Geores Buttner-Clevenger bikes along U.S. Highway 69 in Beaumont.

Geores Buttner-Clevenger bikes along U.S. Highway 69 in Beaumont.

Geores Buttner-Clevenger runs past a Texas State Trooper's vehicle along U.S. Highway 69 in Beaumont.


Bevin Klack said...

Celebrating his 69th year

Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Remembering Geores Buttner

The story of Geores Buttner running route 66 on his 66th birthday and now route 69 for his 69th isn't half the story ! I worked with Geores 20 years ago when he got transfered from Berkely Lab to Lawrence Livermore Lab in Livermore. The amazing story to be told is the fact that back then he did not exercise at all and tipped the scales at 315 pounds , over twice his current weight ! What an inspiration for those of us who find excuses not to exercise, hats off to you Geores run !!

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Remembering Geores Buttner
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ETPH said...

Geores came through Wood County today.

How lucky are we to have had him come this way!

I sure hope he comes this way again in 11 years...when he covers US Highway 80 on his 80th.

Run, Geores, Run.