Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New quint

Mark M. Hancock / © The Beaumont Enterprise

Beaumont firefighter Jerry Ayres inspects the engine compartment of a new Quint truck at Fire Station No. 1 in Beaumont on Wednesday, March 1, 2006. The Quint has all the capabilities of a fire engine and includes a 75-foot aerial ladder. It will go into service at Fire Station No. 5 after training is completed.


Pati Lorena said...

I think Jerry Ayres, its the best firefighter in the all world.
He its so handsome and HOT!
He is my Papi!

Miss Mexico said...

Mmmmmm....your papi....my papi...and many other women papi!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I was surprised when I saw your name, JERRY AYRES on the blog as we have something in common! My name happens to be JERRY AYRES also and I live in Santa Ana, California and I retired from the Santa Ana Police Dept in 1993. What also surprised me was the fact that you work and live in Beaumont, Tx. Now this hit a soft spot with me as I served in the Marine Corp with a great buddy named MORRIS DUHON who also lived in your fine city. So I don't know how large your city is but I wondered if you just might know Morris. We separated while in the Corp as he was shipped to Japan and I remained in my helicoptor squadron HMR-462. Another thing that bonded us was the fact he sold his 1952 Triumph M/C to a fellow Marine and the buyer didn't pay Morris for the complete sale but the engine blew up. So Morris asked me if I would take the parted bike to his cousin who lived in Riverside which I did. After I got out of the Corp I contacted Morris and asked what he intended to do with the broken M/C and he said I could have it. So I took the bike and rebuilt it and I have a picture of it with me setting on his bike. I have always wondered if Morris was still living in Beaumont as I sure would like to connect with him. Gosh its been close to 50 years since I spoke with him. So if you should know Morris or happen to come in contact with him just tell him that I spoke of him and if he has a computer give him my e-mail address that being; jca046@gmail.com. Hope I haven't bothered you and heck who knows we might be kin. I was born and raised in Springfield,Mo. So thanks Jerry for listening and hope all goes well with you on the Fire Dept. Have A Nice One; Jerry Ayres, Santa Ana,Ca.