Friday, March 03, 2006

Proud of Fayrouz

Y'all know I'm very proud of my wife. She has survived much in her life and is still capable of great love and kindness. She is also very humble and wouldn't blow her own horn.

So, I'll blow it for her. :-)

Although I'm always proud of the good things she does, this week others have recognized her work. named her as a Chaldean Rising Star. They wrote a story about one of her blogs and featured her as the lead story on their site for a while.

Additionally, a story about Iraqi bloggers was published in the English version of Al Jazeera. It features a section about Fayrouz. Please check them out and visit her three sites:

* Fayrouz in Beuamont
* Fayrouz Break Room
* Catholic Thoughts

Enough for now,


Bryon Houlgrave said...

Wow. Congratulations, Fayrouz.

Laurie said...

Go, Faye!