Saturday, May 20, 2006

Agstar photojournalism blog

Tomas Stargardter, the graphics editor for La Prensa in Nicaragua, has started his blog, agstar photojournalism, with a bang - literally. One of his first posts addresses how to cover domestic riots.

His blog shines a spotlight on a seriously neglected area of the Western Hemisphere. Also, understand English is not his primary language, so give him a break when leaving comments. I think it's great of him to go to the trouble of writing in English so we monolinguists can learn more about our half of the world and our profession.

The blog might be a bit graphic for youngsters, but serious PJs will probably like the rawness of the images. Although the riot photos aren't as ruthless as the images Nachtwey captured in the region earlier in his career, the unrest and hostility is still palpable.

I've added the blog to my sidebar in the "Foreign blogs" section. Check it out.

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