Monday, May 01, 2006

Michael Ainsworth (1965 - ) 2006 Pulitzer Prize winner

Michael Ainsworth was born in Houston, Texas on Dec 11, 1965. He spent seven years of his childhood in Colombia. He is known for sports photography and reliability.

He made images for "Eyes of the Storm," a compilation book of work by The Dallas Morning News photographers. His images have been published in Newsweek, Time, National Geographic and Sports Illustrated.

He has won Sports and News awards in the Picture of the Year International contests and has won for Sports Action in the Baseball Hall of Fame competition. This year, he won the Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography for his coverage of Hurricane Katrina along with other photographers at The Dallas Morning News.

He has been employed by The Dallas Morning News his entire career. He freelanced for The Arlington Daily News and the Midcities Daily News (both subsidiaries of DMN) while in college. He started work at The Dallas Morning News part-time while earning a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Texas at Arlington and was hired full-time in 1996.

He does not have a personal web site. However, several of his images can be viewed on his DMN portfolio.

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