Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ask a question:   Jeremy Lock

Ever wanted advice from two-time award-winning military photojournalist? Well, here's your chance. Jeremy Lock has agreed to an interview.

Leave your questions in the comment section or drop me an e-mail. I plan on asking the standard questions, but this is a chance for y'all to ask a specific question and get a specific answer.

Please leave your questions by Saturday, July 8, 2006.

Please also see other interviews with previous award winners David Leeson, Michael Ainsworth and Todd Heisler as well as Rick Gershon and Casey Templeton for example questions.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I was just wandering your personal views on "graphic" war images, and if they should be viewed by the average other words, do you think that some images should not be shown because it may affect how people feel towards a war or people fighting in a war?

Mark M. Hancock said...

Hi Amanda,

This interview was almost five years ago. However, I can give you a standard answer.

Conflict images are shot "as is." Photojournalists document the reality they find. The outlet determines which images are published based on the publication's audience.

For instance, a newspaper is distributed widely and seen by children. Consequently, it is less likely to use horrific images.

Meanwhile, some scholarly journals, magazines and internet sites are only seen by adults, and won't have a problem showing everything.