Thursday, July 13, 2006

Stupid like a Fox

Y'all know how I react to attempts to control freedom of the press. Now, the Fox network (owned by News Corp) has decided to challenge AP and specifically press PJs. The Washington Post reports:
The Associated Press is protesting plans by Fox to bar photographers from its news conferences at the Television Critics Association press tour and says it will not cover the events unless the network changes the policy.

Bravo AP. Thanks to Justin for pointing out this conflict.

Personally, I haven't ever seriously watched Fox television. This latest ploy is simply one more reason to avoid anything related to Fox.

Now, if AP really wants to make a point, it should see how many Television Critics Association members it can talk into abstaining from the tour (since they are print and online journalists). Another nice move would be to refuse to report on anything Fox - except the slander suits of course.

For working press PJs who want to show their solidarity with AP, all that's required is three little words in the Special Instructions section of the next image you transmit:   "News Corp OUT."

Enough for now,

UPDATE: According to Photo District News, AP and Fox TV Reach Photo Coverage Agreement.

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