Friday, February 16, 2007

Let the Gras begin

Mark M. Hancock / © The Beaumont Enterprise

Carmen Blanton, wife of Port Arthur's chief of police, releases a rooster before the annual Southeast Texas Mardi Gras Courir Parade in Port Arthur on Thursday, Feb. 15, 2007. During the parade, celebrants stop at various points to gather gumbo ingredients. Roosters are released for children to catch for prizes at these points.

Please read, "Chicken chase kicks off Mardi Gras" by Rolando Garcia.


Marie said...

Nice capture.

Mark M. Hancock said...

Thanks. :-)
Considering how visual Mardi Gras is, I think everyone's going to get tired of it by the end of the week.

Phlip said...

Tired of Mardi Gras?! NEVAHHHHHHH!!!

(Maybe because I'd been living on the East Coast the last ten years and missed alot of 'em!)