Thursday, August 16, 2007

Texas hurricane season starts

Erin made landfall today near Corpus Christi. Although we got some rain this morning, Erin isn't an issue here. Hurricane Dean has our attention. Additionally, there was a chain of sandstorms over North Africa last week, so we're expecting a busy month.

Most folks don't understand Texans. We tend to be a little more direct than most people. We also tend to taunt death more often. Generally, most Texans think you're gone when your time is up. Until then, you're along for the ride. A large part of the Texas mentality includes enjoying the ride - even if it's not always logical.

Texans take calculated risks. We swim in waters with gators, sharks and snakes. Some ride angry bulls and participate in other illogical activities. If it gets too rough, we find an exit or hunker down. We know the tipping point and hop in the truck when it's time.

At the end of the day, most make it home safely with good stories to tell. :-)

In a Houston Chronicle story about today's disruptive weather, Matt Sandlin of Amarillo was on a beach near Corpus Christi. He said, "Unless I see a shark or whale go flying by, I'm good."

That's how it is here.

We're prepared for a hurricane. We have evacuation routes. We have food, water, first aid kits and grills. We filled up our gas tanks and changed the oil in the generators.

Most Texans prefer their hurricanes to be made out of rum and orange juice, but they can handle either kind - until a shark or whale goes flying by.

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