Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Stapler Caper" family

photos © Mark M. Hancock and The Dallas Morning News

Bruce Yablonsky (center), Cindy Ray (left), their son Ryan Yablonsky, 10, (right) and Rupert, a 9-month-old puppy, (bottom) play at their home in Plano on Saturday, March 28, 2009. Ray created a new series of illustrated books that allow children to write and re-write stories about the books' subjects.

Bruce Yablonsky (left) and his son Ryan Yablonsky, 10, (right) play with Rupert, a 9-month-old puppy, at their home. The first book, "The Stapler Caper: You Write The Story," was inspired by Ryan. The book's characters are displayed by the fireplace.

Bruce Yablonsky (right) and Cindy Ray (center) play cards while their son Ryan Yablonsky, 10, (left) wins a video game at their home.

Cindy Ray (left) shows her cards to Bruce Yablonsky (right) and their son Ryan Yablonsky, 10, (center) after a game of gin at their home in Plano.

Please read, "Plano mom Cindy Ray gets kids to write 'The Stapler Caper'" by Kathleen Green.

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