Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Brooklyn Jazz

Marchel Ivery plays the sax while Andrew Griffith plays the skins as the Marchel Ivery Quartet performs at the Brooklyn Jazz Cafe in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas on Wednesday, July 21, 2004.

Mark M. Hancock / © The Dallas Morning News

This photo finally ran today as a postage stamp "teaser" image (means extremely small with no byline). I really like the image. I think most people will feel it speaks to Jazz.

This shot was originally for a Cheap Date feature (places two people can go for under $30). The day before it was scheduled to run it bought new sneakers?, I had another assignment at the same club for a different section of the newspaper.

Many people like to return to a subject over and over like buffet lines to get the total feel. They later assemble the images into a cohesive story. However, if the images are running in completely unrelated stories, it sucks it takes the appeal out of the return trip. It isn't a been-there-done-that situation, but I have already experimented with some options and failed miserably have found out what doesn't work. It becomes limiting. But, there are far worse places to feel limited than in a bar listening to good jazz.

This club was a light-sucking-vortex "romantic," so I had to light it. I've been playing with a hand-held slow front synch lately because the camera may be broken. I think it worked here. This technique tends to fail miserably not do so well with the big stobes.

Tomorrow will be crazy as if it's something unusual, so I gotta crash.

Enough for now,

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