Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Katie memories are good

Mark M. Hancock / © The Dallas Morning News
Jason Hawkins of Baytown, Texas rides a bull during the Lewisville Saddle Club's 39th annual Labor Day Rodeo at the Lewisville Saddle Club on Saturday, August 30, 2003.

I delivered the Katie entries on time. I feel good about the lightning horses (Feature). I don’t know about the bull rider (Sports). We’ll see. Both Fayrouz and I just want to make the cut so we can get dressed up (tux and gown), go to the ceremony and have a good meal a’ la Belo.

I’ve been a finalist twice. It’s cool to get spiffed up and go. Ariane Kadoch Swisa is officially the Susan Lucci of the Katies. Last I heard, she had been a finalist seven times without a win. Before then, Judy Walgren was two of the three finalists in the same category and still lost. It's just wrong I tell ya'.

End result: It’s cool to win a Katie, but don’t kill yourself if you don’t. Judges and judging change each year. Enter, hope to make the finals and drink as much booze as the head honchos will buy. ;-}

I don’t think they will ever do it again, but the first time I was a finalist the Press Club had a great reception party at Speed Zone. After we got our Certificates of Excellence (all finalists get these), we got drink coupons and unlimited use of the facilities for two hours. Rock on!

They had a "celebrity drag race" (cars not tiaras). I made it to the final round and actually won on speed and finishing time, but somehow I got second place because they measure initial reaction time (I didn’t want to get disqualified for jumping the light). Well poop.

After the races, I went inside and started playing the video games for toy redemption tickets. I got a small amount of tickets here and there until I found a game where it was a matter of timing lights and pushing a button... Hmmm...

So in the last 45 minutes of free play, I racked up enough tickets to bring home arm loads of toys for all the nieces and nephews of several families. He he he.

I think this was the last time they got this deal. Do you think it might be a bad idea to provide immediate rewards to overly competitive people? Maybe? Just a bit? It sure was fun though.

If I make it again sometime in the next few years, I hope they get some similar deal. I might win a real, live pony. I don't know where I'd keep it, but, but, but....

Enough for now,

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