Monday, July 12, 2004

Cheeseburger is paradise

Thunderhorse Saloon offers a Double Cylinder Cheeseburger and libations at the saloon in Lewisville on Friday, October 15, 2003. The motorcycle is a 2002 custom Harley Davidson long bike chopper owned by Christina Antee, the saloon's CEO and manager, at the motorcycle-friendly establishment.

Mark M. Hancock / © The Dallas Morning News

There are some days when I need a big basket of greasy fries. I can only eat rice/popcorn cakes for so long before all the Texan comes out screaming for beef and grease. Today was one of those days.

I love Joe Willy’s on Greenville Avenue. Their great hickory sauce is kept in a warming pot. It tastes good on the burgers and on the hand-cut fries. If you are trying to inflict vengeance upon your diet, you can order up a big bowl of guacamole and put it on your fries for a special hot/cold/I’m-gonna-need-to-run-five-miles-tomorrow flavor. Yummy!

OK, it will be a pain to eliminate all the darn calories. Instead, I’ll quote my brother, “Anybody can drop a nuclear weapon on us at any moment. So I’ll eat my dessert before dinner thank you.”

He’s lost an amazing amount weight lately. He still smokes. Hmmm....

Everyone is focusing on how America is becoming fat. AP reported "obesity [is] closing in on tobacco as the nation's No. 1 underlying preventable killer." However, I haven’t seen any stories about the correlation between the aggregate of those who stop smoking and those who have gained weight.

My theory holds those who are gaining the majority of the weight are the ex-smokers. At least I am down to 5 mg nicotine patches now (a 21 mg cut into four pieces). But the desire to smoke feels the same as starvation, so I could understand why America would gain weight if we stop smoking. If it isn’t true, have France stop smoking and let’s see if they don’t cumulatively put on a few French-fried pounds.

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