Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lifestyles editor needed

I'd like to direct visually literate, experienced, award-winning wordsmiths toward this position at our newspaper. The paper needs a smart, high-quality, cutting-edge leader who is genuinely passionate about Lifestyles reporting.

Why point out an editor's job? I (and the other PJs) want to work with someone who understands PJ work (verbs). I want someone who appreciates quality images, how they are made and will use them well. Since I work many Lifestyles assignments, I'd prefer someone who knows (and maybe appreciates) my work rather than someone who doesn't. We also would like to viciously crush the competition like little bugs in every category. :-)

Apply soon, time is limited.

Enough for now,


Marie said...

Believe you me--I wish you the most possible luck in landing the right person for this job. Insert heavy sigh of understanding....

Mark M. Hancock said...

Thanks. It's a good job with plenty of potential. Please help spread the word. :-)