Sunday, December 18, 2005

Suggested reading and gifts for PJs

Maybe all the good little PJs didn't get the gifts they wanted this year. Possibly, some PJs have an upcoming birthday. Since it's the end of the year, some PJs may be looking for last-minute tax write offs for professional development.

No matter the reason, here are some books all PJs should read or have in their own library (preferably sitting on their desk). There are many others, but these are the cornerstones.

I've also listed every possible need in The PJ Candy Store.

Learn it: understand how to make images

by Barbara London, John Upton
The Negative
by Ansel Adams, Robert Baker
AP Photojournalism Stylebook
by Brian Horton
The Nikon School Handbook
by William Pekala (Editor), Harvey Johnson (Editor)
National Geographic Photography Field Guide
by Peter Burian, Bob Caputo
National Media Guide for Emergency & Disaster Incidents
by Bob, Jr. Riha, David Handschuh
Major Principles of Media Law
by Wayne Overbeck

Earn it: earn money with your work

Photographers Market(changes annually)
by Donna Poehner (Editor)
ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography
by American Society of Media Photographers
Photographer's Market Guide to Building Your Photography Business
by Vik Orenstein

Churn it: reference materials

AP Stylebook and Lible Manual (spiral edition)
The Associated Press
Webster's New World College Dictionary
by Michael E. Agnes

Burn it: get these images into your brain

Deeds of War
by James Nachtwey, Robert Stone (out of print, but available)
Moments: The Pulitzer Prize Photographs
by Hal Buell

Turn it: a shameless plug :-)

Rita Captured (SOLD OUT)
The Beaumont Enterprise

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