Thursday, December 01, 2005

Today's Pictures launches

I got the following press release from Slate today. I thought y'all would be interested.

Slate and Magnum Photos partner with Today's Pictures feature

Slate, the award-winning online magazine, today announced that it will partner with Magnum Photos to launch Today's Pictures, a daily feature offering readers a look at the best of past and current photographs from the internationally acclaimed photo agency.

Each day, Slate will offer a selection chosen by editors of photographs from the Magnum collection. The feature will also include innovative multimedia presentations of special photographic series covering a range of subjects.

See the feature at The opening shot is Henri Cartier-Bresson's famous image of a man leaping over water. It is commonly used as an example of Bresson's idea of "the decisive moment."

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cehwiedel said...

Hello again, Mr. Hancock.

I have posted about your post on Today's Pictures -- and truly wish that Blogger had a better built-in mechanism for trackbacks.


"Kicking Over My Traces"

BressonF8 said...

I was looking at the Slate photos today, that's going to be something to watch for sure. I always check in at the BBC for their photos of the week, they are usually really good.

- Alan