Monday, December 25, 2006

Homeless no more Part B

This is a happy continuation of Billy Woolverton's life from being homeless in Portland, Maine to finding a family he didn't know existed in Silsbee, Texas. After his half-sister found him and invited him home, she wanted to locate Billy's full sister to reunite the entire family. They found Julia Sue Wade outside Fort Worth. Wade traveled to Silsbee to meet her brother. Although siblings, they were told they were cousins during their youth. The following is their reunion.

Billy Woolverton smiles at the antics of his siblings at his mother's home in Silsbee on Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2006.

Photos by Mark M. Hancock / © The Beaumont Enterprise

Shanna Adams laughs with her siblings at her mother's home in Silsbee. After Billy Woolverton was homeless more than three decades, Adams located him in Portland, Maine. Since then, she located her sister Julia Sue Hare through a media tip, which lead to the first family reunion of the three siblings.

Shanna Adams (left) and her mother Margie Sue Moore eagerly look at the previously unknown children of Sue Hare's family (Moore's grandchildren).

Sue Hare laughs during a reunion with her brother at their mother's home in Silsbee. The family plans to meet with the other two family siblings and their families in the DFW Metroplex later this month.

Shealynn Adams, 4, (daughter of Shanna Adams) plays on a tire swing at Moore's home in Silsbee.

Billy Woolverton (left) and Sue Hare (right) watch the children play near their mother's destroyed mobile home in Silsbee.

Sisters Shanna Adams (left to right) and Sue Hare tease their brother, Billy Woolverton (right), in their mother's FEMA trailer in Silsbee.

Sue Hare (left) teases her brother, Billy Woolverton, about his three decades of homelessness at their mother's home.

The entire family, including Moore's other two children and all the grandchildren are scheduled to meet around the end of the year near Dallas. After all the decades since her children were taken from her, Moore's family will finally be reunited.

However, there remains a problem. FEMA wants to take Moore's trailer. Her mobile home was destroyed beyond repair during Hurricane Rita. She's on a fixed income with medical costs. She owns the property where the destroyed mobile home remains.

If there was any family that deserves a break, this family does. Moore had her babies taken from her when she was a teen. Woolverton was beaten as a teen and lived on the streets for more than three decades. The other children have worked hard to make ends meet and provide for their children. But, they don't have extra income to help their mother get a new home.

If anyone has an underused, quality mobile home or large trailer on their ranch or knows someone (who knows someone...), this family could put it to good use. They're not asking, I am. E-mail me, and I'll put you in contact with them.

I'm certain there will be plenty of laughter and love within those four walls. All they need is a break and a chance to breathe. During this season, many folks open their hearts in generosity. Here's one family deserving of a break.

Please help if you can. Season's Greetings to all.

Please read "Siblings reunite" by Colin McDonald.

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Phlip said...

Those are great . . . lots of emotion. What a story. I hope they get the trailer they need.