Saturday, December 09, 2006

Avoid anything Nygard

I was going to post some fluffy images from fashion designer Peter Nygard's visit to Beaumont during his nationwide tour of Dillard's stores. Then, I found this CRAZY rights-grabbing cattle call from "senior fashion photographer" John Bartelings (via Model Mayhem). Read it for yourself if you want to see what's absolutely unacceptable.

They wanted student photographers to follow the designer around and pop flashes to add some razzle dazzle for the TV and video shooters. The whole tour is a staged event; why wouldn't they stage this as well?

Here's the crux of it:
"(HOWEVER: NO PUBLICATION RIGHTS-SEE WAIVER FORM) they will provide their own equipment and own film/Memory Cards - NOTE: CF cards will - after download - be returned to the photographer they will follow instructions from our Staff Photographers & Nygård Officers ... they will provide their presence FREE of charge they have to sign the attached Waiver Form and return it when picking up the Media Pass..."
I'm surprised the student shooters didn't need to provide caviar and goblets of blood samples.

This doesn't apply to the media. It's actually for the media (TV). If media folks in other cities could avoid covering the event and feeding this horrible abuse of photo students (and future fashion copy-cats), please do so.

Enough for now,


Bryon Houlgrave said...

Some egos.

Mark M. Hancock said...

If it was just ego, they would have wanted the students to publish photos. That's only one illogical factor.

Anonymous said...

WOW. Did they have any takers?

Mark M. Hancock said...

Unfortunately, yes.

Justin DeYoung said...

Theres always someone wanting something for nothing. If there happened to be some good shots the photographer would have had no rights- What a shame. Someone needs to tell these guys where to stick it.

Donncha said...

That's fairly draconian! Why not simply give cameras to their hanger-ons with instructions to "look professional".

Some things in life definitely do not make sense!