Thursday, December 21, 2006

Switched to New Blogger

Although the blog doesn't look much different, Fayrouz convinced Blogger to change this blog to the new system. They didn't want to change it, and I had a bad case of New Blogger envy.

Consequently, anyone with an "Old Blogger" account needs to make a "New Blogger" (e-mail sign in) account to leave comments from here forward. If you couldn't leave comments before, but had a Blogger account, now you can leave comments because your ID was already in "New Blogger." It's like Klingon with less spit.

There are many advantages, but the biggest advantage of the new system is the ability to add keyword labels. These are located at the bottom of the posts and only connect to hand-chosen labels on this site only.

I did Dec. 2006. I should be able to add tags to older posts over the next few months. This should make some posts easier to understand because I'll link all football photos to "How to shoot football" post, etc.

There are some bugs I need to repair so ignore the photo on the edge of the screen, but I'll get them fixed. Like a cat?

I'll still update the "Find PJ-related posts" section for your browsing pleasure. :-)

Enough for now,



Bryon Houlgrave said...

I switched over too, but I'm having troubles using Hello to post my pictures.

Mark M. Hancock said...

Oops. I meant to answer this before. :-)
Why are you still using Hello? Blogger integrated photo posting in the template.
Hello didn't post thumbnails worth a darn. They appear out of focus compared to Blogger's integrated photos. I need to go back and re-post two years of images one day...