Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ask Travis Dove a question

Travis Dove, this year's College Photographer of the Year, has agreed to an interview. This is your opportunity to look at his work and ask pertinent questions. Please see his biography.

Please leave questions in the comments section of this post or E-Mail them to me before Sunday for inclusion in the interview. Please include your name, city and blog address for inclusion with the questions.


www.bermanphotos.com said...

Hello Travis,

Congratulations on your win. Your work shows a a lot of intimacy and access; how do you work to gain this access?

Also, what advice would you give to a sophomore in college, seeking out their first internship? What can a 20 year old do to set their portfolio apart?


Daniel Berman
Seattle, WA

Benjamin Rasmussen said...

Hey Travis,

Congratulations on the win. Your portfolio has definitely raised the bar for student work.

How much influence do you feel that your masters program at Ohio has had on your photographic style and vision?

And also, your story on Skatopia gives the feeling that you had really become a part of the community. How much time did you spend there working on this project how long did it take before they really let their guard down around you?


Benjamin Rasmussen