Friday, November 16, 2007

Stick r shock

Photos by Mark M. Hancock / © The Beaumont Enterprise

Hockey sticks feature wood and composite as well as right and left handed blades in the Wildcatters locker room at Ford Arena in Beaumont on Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2007. The Wildcatters hockey team has a $60,000 budget for a variety of professional hockey sticks.

Hockey sticks are stacked together near the bench during a practice session at Ford Arena. Bigger, stronger and faster players shoot pucks harder and break more sticks.

Hockey stick handles are often wrapped with special tape to improve the players grip. Players can easily identify their sticks by the handle alone.

Spare hockey sticks await use at Ford Arena. The team has already broken around 35 sticks since training began in October.

Most hockey sticks feature graphite or other composite shafts. These are more flexible for better power and accuracy, but tend to break easier.

Wildcatters' goal tender Scott Savich blocks a shot with his chest instead of his stick during practice at Ford Arena. If the goalie's stick breaks, the closest teammate immediately surrenders his stick to keep the goal protected.

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