Thursday, November 08, 2007

Support free press in Afghanistan

Freedom of speech and press are part of our American culture. We often don't like what we hear or read, but we understand the right of others to write and speak. The same isn't true in Afghanistan.

Reporting - particularly with a camera - is potentially deadly in Afghanistan.

Consequently, Fayrouz and I would like you to meet an authentic defender of press freedoms. His name is Nasim Fekrat and his English-language blog is titled Afghan LORD. He literally puts his life on the line each day by using his real name to establish his credibility as a working journalist based in Kabul.

His blog is the winner of the 2005 Freedom of Expression Blog Awards of RSF (Reporters without Borders - France). He's been reporting independently and in earnest for more than two years. He's working to develop a professional press network in his country. Read the Mideast Youth campaign statement on Fay's blog.

This is why I'm asking for your help. I've added the widget below to this blog to support his cause. They aren't asking for much, so five or 10 bucks would go a long way and would show Fekrat a little love (number of contributors). It's hard to do any job when you think you're the only one who cares. It's even harder when everyone wants to kill you.

Fay and I donated 10 percent of a recent freelance commercial gig to his project. I challenge other working PJs to do the same. If it's impossible to come up with a few bucks for his cause, at least place the widget on your own blogs (there's a copy button) and support freedom of the press. I'd like to see him make his goal soon.

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