Monday, April 04, 2005

An owl talked to me

Being Native American, I tend to pay special attention to the animals around me. If I see or hear animals (both alive and dead), I note the animal and consider why they presented themselves to me.

I have a special interest in eagles and owls (called the Night Eagle). The Night Eagle sees the truth through the darkness. It also signals a time to use powers of keen, silent observation and intuition for some life situation.

When I was confused during a very low point in my life, a great horned owl started hooting so loud I could hear it through a closed window. It helped me figure out what I needed to do next. Shortly afterward, I met Fayrouz online.

More recently, the little barn owls talked to me and shortly afterward I was offered the Beaumont job.

Tonight, I'm sifting through information about Beaumont. I'm hunting down events and looking for story ideas (expect alligator stories). I took a break and stepped onto the balcony and a great horned owl was hooting so loud and frequently that I thought it was a dog at first. So, I believe I have some good things coming my way soon. Stay tuned.

Enough for now,


Marie said...

I believe in the wisdom of owls as well. Every spring and autumn several owls gather in the trees of the gully beside our house. There is great conversation--it is like a council of owls. They always return.

Mark M. Hancock said...

The owl council sounds extremely cool. :-)

I shot a raptor center presentation where they debunked the whole "wise owl" myth. They pointed out how big the owl's eyes were, and how it didn't leave much room in its skull for a brain. However, they did concede that the owl was one of the most effective and efficient hunters on the planet.

Wolfseye said...

It is amazing what the world around us will tell us if we will only listen. Often, it helps to guide me or give me insight on what is going on or what lessons are waiting for me.

Congratulations Mark.... I'm proud to hear that you've found your path. :)