Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Rocky's crawfish

Crawfish wait to be eaten at Rocky's Roadhouse Grill & Spirits in Beaumont on Wednesday, April 20, 2005. Each Wednesday evening the roadhouse offers 94-cent specials on selected beers and margaritas as well as cooked crawfish at $3 per pound and live entertainment.

Photos by Mark M. Hancock / © The Beaumont Enterprise

Lindsey Cheek of Evadale reacts during a conversation with friends at Rocky's Roadhouse Grill & Spirits. The roadhouse never charges cover on entertainment nights.

(Above) Waiter Vincent Bruno rushes to deliver crawfish and corn at Rocky's Roadhouse Grill & Spirits in Beaumont. Crawfish are farmed like catfish in the wetlands near Beaumont.

(Right) Rachelle Huber of Beaumont eats corn at Rocky's Roadhouse Grill & Spirits. Crawfish are also known as "crayfish," "crawdads" or "mud bugs" and are closely related to lobster.

To learn a little more about crawfish see this site.



Caleb said...

My mout is watering man and it's a couple hours away from lunch time too. Man I love carwfish. I have already attended two boils this year and have one more coming up!! :) Great images too. It sounds like you are doing to have fun in Beaumont. So did you enjoy you some carwfish yourself? Happy shooting!

Mark M. Hancock said...

I try to only eat animals with horns and hooves. I'll taste other ones, but I'd prefer a cheeseburger in paradise. :-)

Marie said...

Could you divulge your lighting situation in the top photo of the crawfish and in the bottom photo of the lady eating corn w/platter of crawfish in foreground? Is she naturally lit or if not, where was flash placement?

John Schreiber said...

94 cent beers?!?!?!?!?! Hell, Im coming to Beaumont. Thats a college kid's dream. No more $4.00 beers in Dallas! I like the images... hope everything is well with the new job!

Mark M. Hancock said...

All were nat light. The crawfish were in direct evening sunlight with shadows from the diners. The rest were in patio shade. It was partly cloudy, so I tried to wait for clouds on most people shots to get softer light rather than a rake.

For single folks, this area is "the promised land." Unfortunately, it takes some life behind you to understand it. For young, ambitious folks, it may appear dull. For folks who've lived hard and fast, it's wonderful here.
The weather is great, the food is better, the costs are low, the people appear youthful, healthy and friendly. There isn't a rush hour and the skies are blue (1.5 stops more light than Dallas with nice contrast).
It's situated between a national forest of pine and 30 minutes from the coast. So, there are pine and palm trees, wild flowers and berries as well as fresh cattle and seafood.
Oh, did I mention it's "wet" (sells booze) and is about 30 minutes from the closest casino?
Basically, it's like Dallas was 25 years ago with fringe benefits. :-)

baron said...

We did a story about a guy raising crawfish here. Got a pound or so of some of the cooked stuff too, red spices, garlic, lemon. The meat is a lot more tender than lobster, shared it with the other photog. I think our sports guys were a bit freaked about trying to eat something that looked like that.

Can't say that I'd prefer this over a burger but I do like garlic and spices. Too bad we were at work, no beers.

Mark M. Hancock said...

I think the flavor of crawfish improves proportionally to the amount of beers ingested and proper agitation (dancing). You might want to try it again with the correct chemical formula. ;-}

Lisa said...

I miss crawfish. You can't get decent crawfish in Nebraska.