Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Survived the first day

Thanks for all the supportive notes I've gotten lately. It's been really helpful. Yesterday consisted of paperwork and a ridealong. I got issued an identification badge, pager, keys, parking spot and camera equipment.

The office is only seven miles from where we're living now. I've never lived this close to the newsroom, so it's very convenient.

The workflow and some of the programs are different here, so I expect to have a learning curve for a few days, but I should figure it out. I'll be on a ridealong again today. Tomorrow I have a half-day ridealong, and then I have one shoot.

I'll work through Friday this week. I'll shift to my regular Tuesday through Saturday "vampire shift" next week. This mean... I get a three day weekend. Whoo hoo!

Fay and I plan to take a mini-trip to Louisiana this weekend to get past the move and have some fun before we buckle down with work.

Enough for now,


CarmenSisson said...

Grrr... wish I would spell-check BEFORE I post instead of after. Anyway, can you tell us what you were issued in terms of gear? Also, I'm curious as to the number of staffers and the circulation of the paper (forgive me if you have stated this earlier and I missed).

Mark M. Hancock said...

SB 28DX flash, 80~200 f/2.8 ED/D/AF Wave lens, 17~35 f/2.8 ED/D/AF Wave lens, G-3 Mac laptop, I'll get a D1H next week.
Four full-time PJs with an A.M.E. (sometimes shooter, former staffer).
About 60K circ. according to ABC.

CarmenSisson said...

That's pretty good. Little light on the glass maybe, but I assume there is a 300, 400 and 14 available as pool?

I'm glad you told the circulation because I was thinking it was a small paper. Ha! 60,000. Smaller than DMN perhaps, but huge compared to Tuscaloosa.

Mark M. Hancock said...

The pool has nice lenses. No 500s or 600s, but everything has AF available. The 14 is only slightly wider than what I have, so it's not much of an issue.