Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's resolution solutions

Mark M. Hancock / © The Beaumont Enterprise

Helon Land (left) and her daughter Mackenzie Land, 5, (right) work on a cheer for Bridge City High School before a football playoff against Jasper High School at Tiger Stadium in Silsbee on Friday, Nov. 18, 2005. The temperatures had dipped down in recent days.

Each New Year is often accompanied with retrospectives and resolutions. If anyone is interested, here's what I think are my best shots of the year. I've also got a few solutions to many resolutions, so I'll point y'all to some applicable older posts.

If some folks enjoyed the holidays too much (like me) then here's a post to help y'all lose weight - Fat-O-Journalists.

If cash is tight, but last year's expenses were high, then it's appropriate to prepare taxes early to get a tax refund - PJ accounting tips.

If cash flow is a series of feasts and famines, then it's important to learn long-term money management - Budget for three months.

If images disappear or get misplaced, it's important to get organized - Create a personal digital workflow.

To get noticed in this profession, it's important to have your work recognized by your peers. The best way is to enter contests to see how your work stacks up against other pros. For competative folks, collect your best shots from 2006 into one folder. Then, use the images from the folder to enter different contests. Once prepared, go against some of the best in the world - PJ contest calendar.

If you just got a degree or freelance work isn't as much fun as it originally looked, get a full-time PJ job - Get a job.

This should get most folks off to a good start. Let's all expect "the best" and be ready for it this year.

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Justin DeYoung said...

Good work as always Mark. I really enjoyed the series from the indian reservation. Interesting stuff there.