Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Podcast on ICM

I met with Bryan Murley of Innovations in College Media at a local coffee shop. He's originally from Beaumont (welcome to our compressed world) and was visiting his family over the holidays.

He asked me about PJ work and its future for his podcast interview. It's a long 20-minute interview, and I sound like I'm on cough syrup. However, it may be helpful to some folks.

Since I'm interrupting the flow today, I'll also point y'all toward the new link at the top of the sidebar. I've started organizing the labels on this site. When you click on the label under any post, it brings up the last 20 posts with the same label on this site. The "All labels" entry now lets readers browse photos and PJ-related entries by label.

Meanwhile, I'm still adding labels to older posts. It'll be at least two more months before I'm happy with it, but it's enough to keep y'all busy today. Eventually, new PJs should be able to get some quick ideas about what works visually and what doesn't by seeing my failures before a new-to-them assignment.

Enough for now,

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