Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What the Duck?

Aaron Johnson of What the Duck? fame sent me a note about his "Citizen photojournalism" comic (WTD 130). I told him I like "Money Talks" (WTD 126) better.

I should have brought up the comic long before now. I'm a fan. So, I've added his site to the sidebar under "Blogs of interest" and included his Photo Contest #2 in the contest calendar (the deadline falls between the Pulitzer Prize and Best of Photojournalism).

If you've never seen it, What the Duck? is about the trials and tribulations of a pro photographer, who happens to be a duck. Since Aaron is a pro shooter himself, there's an authenticity to the comic strips.

BTW, he does take suggestions. However, he prefers the concept to be complete and adapted to his three-panel format. So, if you need a break from contest season, or you simply needed another contest to make your life complete, What the Duck? could help.

Enough for now,


Marie said...

Ok, I'm now a fan. Gonna get the t-shirt. The strip, 'Citizen Journalism' is just so funny-and true.

Mark M. Hancock said...

Glad you could help support him. :-)

CarmenSisson said...

Heheheheheheh. I like "What the Duck?" too, along with "Joy of Tech."

As for contests, do you know of any for um, ahem, (whisper) writers? I've entered a few and picked up a lovely award yesterday, but my Ego Wall would still like something else. :-)

As a photographer, I knew where to go. I was involved in NPPA and all of it. SPJ is ok, but somehow doesn't move me much. They talk more about ethics and less about the mechanics of writing, the craft of it. I can't seem to find my niche as far as making contacts and friends with other writers.

My D1X died and I sold it to a guy willing to pay Nikon's bill to get it back. My D1H is still sitting in a repair shop with a blown shutter and a $300 price tag. I'm now shooting with a D80. I feel decidedly "un-photographerly."

But there doesn't seem to be the same fellowship among writers as photographers. As a photog, I can walk into any city and know that if I can find the newspaper office, I can find an instant band of brothers to help me, make me laugh, or get me plastered till I puke (not that I've ever done the latter, not with strange photogs anyway, but you get my point.)

Writers? They're a secretive lot. I dunno. It's not the same. Least they can do is dole out a plaque or two.

Mark M. Hancock said...

Both your cameras fried and you gave away a $2,000 camera for $600. Yikes!

As far as writers v. PJs, PJs rock! Some jazz! A few merengue (but we don't talk about them much. ;-}

Congrats on the award. I want to make a writing mechanics post sometime soon (as a lead to photo story structure). In the meantime, get a subscription to Writers Digest magazine. I subscribed while I was in the Army and the stories are very helpful. It'll get redundant after two years, but it means you got it all figured out.

CarmenSisson said...

Actually, I gae away a $2,000 camera for $300. But to be fair, I only paid $300 for it, and I sold it back to the guy I bought it from. So I'm even. I still have to pick up the D1H from repair.

Writers Digest. Yeah I read it. I just can't seem to find a writer clique. You know? I can make money as a writer. I'm in Biloxi now, working on two stories for the Monitor. But as for friends? All my friends are still photogs. Maybe cause they ARE the coolest :-)

Mark M. Hancock said...

I believe we're more fun. :-)

Thinking back over the years, I don't recall writers hangin' together much. Other writing groups (novelists, poets and such) form writing guilds in larger cities.
There's always the press clubs, but they're mostly PR people and creep us out.

J, "Uhh... No."
PR, "Then you MUST run this story about MY client."
J, "Uhh... No."

It's not exactly how reporters want to spend their off time.

Ask Ron. He should know.