Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Photo mosaic viewing

Southeast Texas readers may want to check out Metropolitan Beaumont magazine (it's not online). They have a story about my photo mosaics. There's also a viewing of the three largest pieces from the group show in the meeting room at Sertino's Café located on 5657 Eastex Hwy. at Dowlen Rd. in Beaumont from Jan. 2 - 31, 2007. Sertino's Café is open 24 hours each day.

It's strange how this viewing happened. The magazine was doing a story about these pieces. The editor asked if they could be viewed locally. Instead of saying "No," I tried to find a place. Oh, BTW, I had to come up with a venue within 48 hours to make deadline.

I called the museum for suggestions. There aren't galleries in Beaumont. So, the museum suggested some restaurants that also hang work (there's only two).

The first had installed images for January and the other didn't answer the phone. Since I had shot Sertino's commercially, I know Cliff and hoped he could help me out. It's a really cool place with free Wi-Fi, quality light, good food, etc.

I explained that I only needed some space to hang an image or two during January. Although they have high-end permanent art, he knows my work and was cool with the idea. So, he gave me enough space for all three of the big ones. Since Sertino's is now open 24-hours each day, it's super convenient for insomniac "artsy" types (most of us).

The end result is a win-win-win. I have a place to hang the images. Cliff gets some free PR and hopefully some more traffic. The magazine will be available at Sertino's (while supplies last) to help folks understand these weird images. So, all three of us get a little exposure from this deal while nobody "loses" anything.

I didn't plan to write all this backroom stuff, but I think some other PJs/artists might benefit by knowing how easy it can be to work this arrangement.

The additional benefit is that if enough people go by Sertino's Cafe to see the photo mosaics, Cliff might allow more locally-produced art to show. I think he's testing the water with my images. Since there are only two other local alternative venues, it would be cool for artists to gain a really nice venue for future shows. Go have an espresso, frozen yogurt or sandwich to support the local art scene.

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