Saturday, January 26, 2008

Goin' to New York

It's official now. I'll be stuttering speaking at the New York Press Association annual spring convention and trade show at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Albany, New York on Friday, April 5, 2008. I'll make two presentations:

2:15 - 3:30 p.m. - What is a Photojournalist
3:45 - 5 p.m. - Quick Ways to Improve Your Images

The first presentation is mostly for non-PJs. The second presentation is for PJs. But, PJs are welcome to attend both. Then, y'all can make fun of my accent.

The convention takes place on April 5-6, 2008. I'm only speaking on Friday, but I should be there through Sunday morning. So, anybody who attends is welcome to swap stories or get a critique during my "down time."

It would also be nice to finally meet some NY bloggers there. I've been assured they have enough coffee. :-)

I couldn't locate convention registration information, but the Web site suggests contacting Rich Hotaling, association and creative services manager. They're still getting everything settled, but they should post full details soon.

Enough for now,


David Bell said...

Wow, congrats Mark! This just goes to prove my theory that you kick some major A.

Steve V

Mark M. Hancock said...

Thanks, but I haven't kicked any majors since I was on the post rugby team in the Army.
All those majors deserved to be kicked. ;-}

shutterjockey said...

Quick ways to improve your images; for an hour and a half? Just kidding, good luck.

Mark M. Hancock said...

I guess I could say, "Remove the lens cap," and we could all go have a beer. =)