Tuesday, January 01, 2008

PhotoJournalism New Year

Until this year, this blog was either firmly above or below the competence level of other PJs. During 2007, several PJs graduated with their master's degrees or otherwise moved into or advanced in the pro world. Some are already kicking butt.

I've stated several times that I'm an average PJ. To this extent, my work is the acid test. If your work is consistently better than mine, you're doing well. If you're work isn't consistently better than mine, your work needs to improve. As you try to improve your work, so do I. Through this process, my work should continue to be average.

This brings us back to the first sentence of this post. In a way, I feel new PJs are my children. I've watched many grow into fine PJs over the last four years. This year, many have spread their wings and flown from the nest.

I applaud their achievements. I wish them all the luck they'll need to excell in this changing profession. I encourage them to raise the bar and make us all want to work harder.

Meanwhile, I plan to do my best each day. I'll work for this community (Southeast Texas), for my profession and for this blog's readers.

With this said, it's time for me to dig through the old posts and fill some missing gaps. The PJs who are advancing beyond this simple advice are encouraged to do so. The folks who are beginning to walk down this path are encouraged to read previous and future posts about this profession.

I know experienced pros have no need to reexamine what they already know. However, several are kind enough to visit occasionally and add their voice. To them, I say thank you. This is why I always request your comments and e-mails about posts. Together, we're paving the road for the next generation of PJs.

When we're young, we are immortal. As we age, we realize how little time we have on this planet. The exponential growth of knowledge and its delivery in recent years allows us to hasten the scientific process. Although it's a drop of water in the ocean, I hope this blog allows new PJs to avoid my mistakes. My New Year's wish is they'll learn this business better and faster than I.

Enough for now,

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