Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The PJ quiz

Questions are linked to previous posts on this blog with appropriate answers. New questions are added daily during 2008.

A. Basic
B. Composition
C. How to...
D. Get a job
E. Business
F. Sports
G. Lighting
H. Writing
I. General PJ
J. Multimedia
K. Legal / Ethics
L. Applied PJ
M. AP pop quizes

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1. What's the difference between a photographer and a photojournalist?
2. What is the most common type of camera used by newspaper PJs? Why?
3. What three camera variables can adjust exposure values?
4. What are the three minimum requirements of most successful photographs?
5. What's an ISO?
6. What is the average start-up costs for a beginning PJ?
7. What's the minimum shutter speed a PJ should use with an 80~200mm zoom lens?
8. What determines an image's sharpness?
(This question has a general and a specific answer.)
9. What happened to the delivery speed of PJ work during the last 10 years?
10. From a PJ's position, what angle and direction should a shadow lay for most assignments?
11. What does a PJ see through the viewfinder when s/he squeezes the shutter release button?
12. What does a tripod prevent?
13. What's depth of field?
14. What's the most important part of a camera system?
15. What is a stringer?
16. What are four of the eight major fields of photography?
17. Which type of light meter reading is most accurate?
18. What is composition?
19. Who is responsible for the actions of a photographer?
20. What is one of the easiest and cheapest pieces of equipment to improve image quality?
21. What functions does a flash card wallet perform?
22. What does the golden ratio determine?
23. What is a cutline?
24. Which university is currently considered the best for photojournalists? Why?
25. What is a clean image?
26. What is the dynamic range?
27. What causes red eye?
28. What is a photograph's skeletal structure?
29. How do PJs define tangents?
30. What is a critique?
31. Where is the plane of focus located?

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32. What is composition?
33. What does it mean to shoot "full frame"?
34. Of the four dimensions, which two can't be captured with a still photograph?
35. What compositional device holds an image together on a printed page?

How to...
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61. What should PJs do before dramatic weather changes?

Get a job
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92. Are elected officials or PJs subjected to the most thorough background checks?

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122. In what two ways does "A penny saved is a penny earned" affect a PJ's business?
123. Why should business cards be thermographically printed?

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153. What should be the first shots taken at any sporting event?

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183. What are the Kelvin-degree color temperatures of daylight and tungsten light?

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General PJ
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244. Why is photography considered the most powerful form of communication?
245. What sells newspapers?
246. Before charging off to breaking news, what should a PJ do?
247.When it comes to PJ, what is the primary concern of a publisher or assignment editor?

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275. What is the difference between a "photo clump" and a photo story?

Legal / Ethics
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305. Who is considered "press" or "media" in America?
306. The U.S. government can close a U.S. newspaper only if it does what?
307. How does the Fairness Doctrine and Section 315 of the Communications Act of 1937 apply to a PJ's coverage of elections?

Applied PJ
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336. Why would PJs make more than one portrait of a single subject?

Deadline pop quizzes
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Where in the AP Stylebook can a journalist find the guidelines to write the following?

1. The name of military educational institutions and its students?
2. The title of a clergy member?
3. The type of gun used in news stories?
4. The name, personal pronouns and capitalization for dogs?
5. The correct way to write the ranks of all soldiers, sailors and airmen?

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Mark M. Hancock said...

Please don't post answers to the quiz in the comment section.

However, I welcome feedback about the difficulty of the questions. They'll get more difficult throughout the year.

"BigToe" said...

Bring it on!

Dan Gill said...

Good stuff.