Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Guiseppe's PJ heroics

The Enterprise hires young independent contractors to sell newspapers near busier intersections on Sundays. They're a modern continuation of the celebrated paperboy.

These young entrepreneurs have decided to honorably earn money on the weekends. Most folks at the paper are very proud of these kids because they're doing something positive with their lives. They work and earn money the old-fashioned way.

They stand in the rain, cold or heat to make a few bucks to help us tell the news. It's a thankless job. We're indebted to their dedication.

I don't carry cash most of the time. But when I do, I'll buy a paper from these kids. Not because I need it (I get as many as I want at work), but I want to support these young businesspeople.

So, I became furious when I read "15-year-old newspaper vendor beaten, robbed" on The Enterprise Web site.

The story is about one good kid and three bad kids. It's also about one rockin' PJ.

Guiseppe Barranco is the newest addition to the photo department. When he saw one of these young vendors get beaten and robbed in broad daylight by three other teens, he jumped into action.

Guiseppe made sure the newspaper vendor was healthy and safe. Then he tracked down the thugs, called the police while he tailed them, and later gave chase on foot while police detained two of the three.

It was Guiseppe's day off. He was going to the store with his girlfriend when he saw the violence. He could have continued, but he made good choices and did what was right. All it takes is one person to do the right thing to make this a better planet.

My thanks go to Guiseppe. I also want to thank all the young entrepreneurs who sell our papers on Sunday. It's a rough job. Sometimes it's even worse. You're all my heroes.

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Bryon Houlgrave said...

Way to go, Guiseppe. :-)