Monday, October 06, 2003

A crazy Saturday

I had a busy day on Saturday. I started out in Little Elm at their new city hall open house. I went from there to Irving to shoot the Centennial Park dedication, and then I had to run downtown to shoot the Dallas Sidekicks (professional indoor soccer team) for deadline.

I got basically 1 hour at the first assignment, 30 minutes at the second and 1 hour at the last. It's best if we get around three hours to shoot a sporting event or a large public event.

I feel bad that I couldn't spend more time in Irving. The assignment said they would have fireworks. I saw they were going to do some sort of railroad spike driving ceremony. It could've been cool to shoot the spike event, but there are only so many PJs available for all the events in town.

The whole weekend was crazy for assignments anyway.

I started a mini-vacation last night. I took time off to shoot my nephews football games. It's a tradition I started when they played pee-wee football and has followed them to Jr. High. Each has a game this week. So I'll shoot them both.

The photos serve as a document of the boys' training and provide some extra images of their buddies to make them survive the horrible teen years. Anything you can do to make a teenager be "liked" is a good thing. Most teens have a really hard time. They could all use a little help.

Well, I suppose I have an idea of what I can do with this blog for a while. I have a strange job, and I can write about it here. My darling wife, wanted me to start blogging so I could save her the stress of listening to me.

She calls me "Merlot" because she thinks I whine (merlot is a wine). It's OK. I call her Shiraz if she is difficult and Chardonnay if I want something. ;-)

Enough for now,

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