Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Most recent photographs updated

I updated photos on my "most recent" page on the DMN site. I've written about several of the images on this blog and thought some might like to see them.

Because we don't have automated Web site updates or a dedicated photo staff Web updater, we're responsible for our own updates. Therefore, none of us update our "most recent" files unless we're working on a photo story for the Web. Then, the "most recent" are actually the images for the story. That's how IT set up the site.

It's strange because I know they use our images on the rest of the site, but the images don't appear in our (photo archive) section. I don't know where those images are stored. It doesn't matter though.

I'd like to update the "most recent" at least once weekly, but I've no idea if I can find the time. This time I did it from home, but it takes a lot longer because of all the firewalls.

On the upside, each time I make an update, they're added into the online archive, so they could (conceivably) be searchable forever.

Enough for now,

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