Friday, October 24, 2003

How I started PJ

While its on my mind, I'll explain how I got into this field. I took a test.

I returned to college after four years in the elite US Army OPFOR (Opposing Forces) regiment and a few years as a business collections coordinator for General Electric Capital.

One of my first classes was a "Master student" course. It basically teaches students how to maximize their education. I strongly suggest it and psychology for everyone.

Part of the coursework involved coming up with an educational goal. They gave us a test to see our likes, dislikes and abilities. Once we took the test, we got a set of letters to compare with a list of 17,000 possible degree-required jobs.

My letters were ACS (or some combination thereof). The letters stood for Artistic, Clerical and Social. Once I had the skill set, I wrote down the jobs available for those skills. Then, I rearranged the letters and checked for secondary jobs which have the same skill set.

For these three letters, there was only one option. I double, triple, quadruple checked, but there was only ONE job. Photojournalism.

Hmmm... a fairly compelling sign.

So, I started on this path and have not turned back. It helped me understand everything in college. Because in this field, everything is literally important.

I never know to whom I shall talk (isn't this just a lovely awkward sentence). Therefore, everything we learn will eventually be useful.

Last week, for example, I photographed a retired geologist. I was able to hold a discussion with him because I had taken historical geology in college as an elective.

Enough for now,

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