Saturday, October 11, 2003

New batteries and a Mavericks pass

I shot high school football tonight. Colleyville Heritage played at Keller. I always must leave during half time, so I never know the results until after I turn in the images. When I left, Keller was doing much better. It was a good game though.

I got two treats at the office today. First, I got some new batteries for my digital cameras. It's just in time because the two I had are really on their last charges.

I can't use the new batteries until they finish conditioning though. To condition a battery, I must discharge and recharge the battery at least three times. Each cycle takes about 12 hours. I'll have one ready by the time I start shooting tomorrow and the other two will be ready for use next week.

The second goodie was a photo pass to the Dallas Mavericks for this year. As with the Stars, I want to shoot them whenever I can this year.

In previous years, I didn't want to shoot the pro teams too much because we have someone assigned to each game. I didn't want to step on their toes. However I was shooting the Dallas Desperados along with John Rhodes. It allowed me to take bigger chances with my images because I knew he would have something if the play didn't go as I hoped.

So, I'll try to be a second set of eyes. The Mavericks play tomorrow at American Airlines Center, so if I can finish my assignment relatively early, I'll go shoot some of the game.

I'm tired today, so I'm not going to get too detailed tonight. Tomorrow, I have a restaurant review and an assignment about a family-owned business in Northeast Tarrant County. It has undergone some interesting twists to adapt to the new role of Southlake (from farming to bedroom community). The business was once a feed store. Now it is a BBQ (barbecue) restaurant.

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