Monday, October 13, 2003

Mavs delay of game

I didn't follow-up last night because I didn't make it home until after 3:30 a.m. I shot the Mavericks vs. New Orleans pre-season game at the American Airlines Center as an extra assignment. It threw my schedule off.

Dallas won the game and got to evaluate most of its new players. Because the Mavs scored more than 100 points, the fans also got passes for free chalupas (an open-faced Mexican taco) from Taco Bell.

It was my first time to shoot a Mavs game although I had a shooting pass last year, and the organization was a freelance client many years ago (before Mark Cuban bought it).

Someday I might write about how I got the freelance gig, but the short story is that I had no idea who any of the players or coaches were (didn't care at the time). I had to ask everyone's names. Nelly was very cool and patient with me. They seemed happy with the images each time I shot for them, but I digress...

Enough for now,

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