Monday, October 20, 2003

No sick days for PJs

I had a spot of the flu and haven't had much energy this week. A strange aspect of this job is the requirement to arrange sicknesses for days off. Yes, we get "sick days," but when can we take them?

We get our assignments the day before we shoot. If we wake up sick, tough. I've literally coughed up blood and was still standing on a railroad track in the winter to shoot a business assignment. BTW, I was also working on my POY (Pictures of the Year) contest entry and didn't have time to sleep for three days.

Jim Mahoney has been a DMN staffer for more than 25 years. He said he has yet to take a sick day.

I tried to call in "healthy" at Richardson once, but I was told I couldn't. I wasn't lying, I was ahead on my work, there were no assignments and it was a really pleasant day. They should have let me have the day off. Nope. I think I cleaned the darkroom instead. I would've much rather flown a kite.

Since I mentioned it, I love to fly kites in the spring and fall. I don't have a fancy one, but I still like to watch it whip around in the sky. It's like a colorful form of fishing without hurting fish.

I also like soap bubbles. They are momentary, but pretty and simple fun. I had a battery-powered automatic bubble gun until my niece's Great Dane ate it. I probably should get another one since they make me so happy and don't cost much. :-)

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