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Mark M. Hancock / © The Beaumont Enterprise
Port Arthur police S.W.A.T. teams prepare to secure the city after Hurricane Rita hit on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005.

When Hurricane Rita crashed into Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005, it was the third-strongest hurricane in recorded history. Damage estimates top $8 billion.

The proud people of this area immediately got to work repairing and replacing what they could. However, many hard-working folks lost homes, businesses or both. Some communities simply vanished and only memories and mortgages for toxic sand remain.

I suggest donating to The Salvation Army. It would do the most good. We're working to find a more efficient donation system for the folks in this area who will need help for many months.

The majority of Hurricane Rita images appear in the September and October 2005 archives. Below is a list of individual posts or viewers can see the entire months' work by clicking on the linked words in the previous sentence.

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20 Sept. - Tuesday
Pre-Rita run on Wal-Mart
Krogering for supplies

21 Sept. - Wednesday
Hurricane Rita (text)
Patience at Home Depot
Leaving home

22 Sept. - Thursday
Mini Rita update (text)
Police help evacuate
Special needs evacuation
The calm before the storm

23 Sept. - Friday
Braced for Hurricane Rita
Braced for Hurricane Rita continued
Watching Hurricane Rita

24 Sept. - Saturday
Hurricane Rita hits
Hurricane Rita aftermath: Beaumont
Hurricane Rita aftermath: Port Arthur
Vidor post-Rita
Mauriceville feed and grain

25 Sept. - Sunday
No mass after Rita
Trying to help his neighbors
Untangling after Rita
Crystal clear damage
Beaumont emergency center
Ford Park: formerly shelter from Katrina
Market Basket's conditional opening
O'Hare's helps after looted
Fuel arrives before power

26 Sept. - Monday
Fuel line wait
Tornado damage during hurricane
Airport heavy metal
Testing communication
Damage is clear from above
Orange hit hard
Clean and secure
Shrimp boats

Sept. 27 - Tuesday
Temporary communication
Mauriceville Red Cross shelter closes
Bridge City
Sunk shrimp boat
Port Neches
Nederland Windmolen

Sept. 28 - Wednesday
Salvation Army feeds Beaumont
Recovery continues in Beaumont
More Beaumont damage

Sept. 29 - Thursday
Parkdale Mall activity
Post office wait
Lake Charles, La. suffers storm surge
Vinton motel closed
Boomtown post-Rita
Port Arthur neighborhoods sealed
Port Arthur's "Best-kept lawn"

Sept. 30 - Friday
Self reliant
FEMA goes house-to-house
Free flat repairs
Clear Channel team coverage
Chainsaw sharpener
Looters sent to hell
Trash deposit center

Oct. 1 - Saturday
We're surviving, but tired (text)
Rebuilding Target
SBM chainsaw ministries
Park crew

Oct. 2 - Sunday
Still going... (text)
Hungry hummingbirds
Morning activities
Working despite losses
Elks Lodge fire

Oct. 3 - Monday
Hurricane Rita's aftermath - one day's work

Oct. 4 - Tuesday
Abundantly blessed
Mail returns to Silsbee
Brooks Brothers does its best
Rita survivor T-shirts

Oct. 5 - Wednesday
Bank's reopen
Lion's Carnival
Bayou ecological damage

Oct. 6 - Thursday
Buna VFD
Bleakwood: A Red Cross success
Bon Wier VFD: no immunity

Oct. 7 - Friday
After-Rita funeral

Oct. 8 - Saturday
Hamshire VFD survival celebration
Sabine Pass
Spraying into the night
Chainsaw sunset
Emergency food

Oct. 9 - Sunday
Taking a breather (text)

Oct. 11 - Tuesday
Working against two hazards

Oct. 12 - Wednesday
Log loader
Meat juice
Found dog
Beaumont evacuees return

Oct. 13 - Thursday

Oct. 20 - Thursday
How to cover hurricanes (text)

Oct. 21 - Friday
Holly Beach, La. is gone

Oct. 24
Holly Beach isn't there (text)

Oct. 27
Cameron, La.
Oak Grove, La.
Holly Beach drainage ditch
Johnson's Bayou, La.

Nov. 16
Texas Highway 87

Nov. 23
"Rita Captured" is available

Nov. 24
Displaced Thanksgiving

Nov. 26
Cameron two months later

Dec. 7
Silsbee library setback

Dec. 15
Bryan's 797 chefs

Dec. 20
Happy Birthday

Dec. 22
Forgotten Rita evacuees

Dec. 24
FEMA Christmas

Dec. 27
Cameron three months later

Jan. 6
Shangri La Gardents post Rita

Jan. 7
Cameron evac order lifted
Orange reshade

Jan. 10
Walker performs at home

Jan. 12
Baseball field repairs

Jan. 13
Reconstruction's benefit

Jan. 24
Getting some help

Feb. 2
Tillman's Bar-B-Q

Feb. 9
Bon Wier's new fire truck

March 14
Gingerbread Square

March 30
Holly Beach recovery
Creole recovery

April 6
West Side story

April 12
West Side story

April 22
Concrete canoe races

May 6

May 20
Johnson Bayou graduation 2006

June 24
Cameron Parish still faces insurance challenges

July 7
Texas Roadhouse completed

Aug. 18
Extreme fire engine

Sept. 24
Hurricane Rita:   Texas
Hurricane Rita:   Louisiana

Oct. 21
Cameron recovery celebration

Dec. 6
Sabine Pass Santa

Dec. 20
Cameron hospital reconstruction

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